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As our population ages, it seems increasingly sensible for elderly adults to move into one of the many nursing homes or assisted living facilities that offer the more intensive services they need, such as help with dressing, eating, and bathing. There is a reasonable expectation that our loved ones will be treated with respect and dignity, and served in a caring yet professional environment. In the majority of cases, they do provide positive and supportive care.

Unfortunately, the incidents of nursing home negligence and abuse, both physically and emotionally, continue to increase. The nursing home abuse lawyers at our Law Firm have worked hard for families and nursing home patients to recover damages for negligent acts. Because we have nearly 30 years of experience with millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts in personal injury claims, we understand how important each case is to our clients. We take special pride in extending our personal service and attention to our elderly clients and their families. We promise them the finest representation by an accomplished nursing home attorney who not only understands their situation, but will work aggressively to see they are justly compensated for their injuries.

Nursing home abuse occurs in two different ways. It can be an intentional act or simple neglect. An intentional act can be financial abuse, emotional mistreatment, a physical assault, or even a sexual attack. Neglect can include not providing proper care that leads to an overdose, falls, infections, bedsores, bruises, burns, bed railing injuries, dehydration, skin ulcers, administration of improper medication, septicemia, gangrene, decubitus ulcers, and osteomyelitis.

Quality care by a professional and attentive staff is easy to spot. However, if you are concerned about the care your loved one is receiving look for some of the obvious signs of neglect or abuse, such as:

  • Unexplained injuries
  • Caretaker cannot adequately explain residents condition
  • Patient complains of being slapped or mistreated
  • Unreasonable use of physical restraints
  • Resident is forced to stay in their room
  • Disregard for the necessities of daily living
  • Unsanitary and unclean conditions
  • Lack of care for existing medical conditions
  • Infections, bed sores, malnutrition or dehydration
  • Complains of physical or sexual attacks
  • Emotionally upset or agitated
  • Unusual behavior (sucking thumb, rocking, biting)
  • Wanting to be isolated from other people

If you have reason to believe that your loved on is being abused or neglected, contact an experienced professional at our Law Firm. We will fight hard to get your loved one the care they deserve and just compensation for their injuries. Call for a free consult with a nursing home attorney today. There is no cost or obligation.

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What will it cost to hire The Law Firm Nursing Home Attorneys?

Once we decide to take you on as a client, we get paid only if we win your case. We charge no upfront fees or costs, and advance all costs to prosecute the case. We only get paid when you get paid.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Injuries Attorney

Nursing homes are licensed and inspected by the state in order to ensure that they are complying with all health and safety regulations. Despite these stringent measures, however, nursing home residents frequently suffer from bed sores, malnutrition or dehydration. In these unfortunate situations, the injuries are often the attributable to neglect if not outright abuse.

Our office works with medical experts and investigators in exposing negligence and abuse on the part of nursing homes. We take photos of injuries, gather health records, review staffing reports, examine inspection reports and conduct thorough background checks on nursing home employees. We can expose understaffing, violations of regulations and other illegal behavior that nursing homes either ignore or facilitate.

If you’re loved one has suffered abuse or neglect in a nursing home, contact our nursing home injury attorneys to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

Signs of Neglect and Abuse in Nursing Homes

While not exhaustive, the following are often signs or symptoms of abuse or neglect in a nursing home setting:

  • Bed sores
  • Dehydration
  • Malnutrition
  • Ligature marks
  • Unexplained bruising
  • Unattended wanderings
  • Broken bones
  • Emotional withdrawal
  • Missing personal items

What to Do if You Suspect Nursing Home Neglect or Elder Abuse

If you suspect your loved one may have been abused, contact the authorities and an attorney as soon as possible. At the same time, take photos of any injuries or signs of restraint that could later prove useful at trial. It’s also very important to remember the names of attending staff and document any missing personal items.

Once our office gets involved, we can notify the appropriate state authorities in order to request information on inspections and report health and safety violations. As your attorney, we will notify the nursing home and demand all records and documents be preserved.

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Most nursing homes will not admit that they provided negligent care for one of their patients. In fact, it’s not uncommon for some nursing homes to hide understaffing and abuse. If your family member has been injured due to negligence and incompetence on the part of a nursing home, contact nursing home injuries lawyer Michael J. today for dedicated and aggressive elder law representation.