Burn Injury Lawyer

If you suffered a burn injury in a car accident or construction accident, you may face one or more of these types of injuries:

First-Degree Burn
Your first-degree burns may be red and sensitive to touch. Although you may have suffered minimal tissue damage, you may experience pain, redness and swelling. Your burn injury may not be severe enough to warrant the expense involved in bringing a personal injury claim against negligent parties.

Second-Degree Burn
Your second-degree burn may have affected both the outer layer or epidermis and the underlying dermis of your skin, affecting sweat glands and hair follicles. If you did not get proper treatment in time, your second-degree burn may have produced infections or damage to tissue.

Third-Degree Burns
A third-degree burn is most likely sufficient cause to bring a personal injury claim against a negligent party. Your skin may have been charred or turned white and you may have experience numbness, chronic pain and/or scarring. You may require plastic surgery in the future.

Inhalation Injuries
More than one hundred known toxic substances are present in fire smoke. If your loved one died due to smoke inhalation in an industrial fire in Florida, seek experienced legal counsel as soon as possible, while an investigation may best determine the cause of the accident.

If you have suffered a serious burn injury our attorney can advise you on how to pursue compensation to cover your medical bills and lost wages and to acknowledge your pain and suffering.

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