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“Restitution for your injury is our duty.”

We know bad things happen to good people.


Elders abused in private homes, in nursing homes, victims of domestic violence and more – they deserve compensation and we are their voice.


Accidents range from anything between vehicular accidents to slip and falls. Injured deserve compensation and we ensure they get it.


Inept professionals cause serious and lasting damages in all aspects of life – physicians, lawyers, accountants. You deserve compensation and we hold them accountable.


From hazards on poorly maintained properties to accidents caused by someone texting while driving. You deserve compensation and we will get their attention.


Integrity matters!

We strongly adhere to our principles of integrity, which means you can expect direct and honest appraisals and updates about your case. We stand by our clients first, last and always.

Our Guiding Principle

Our firm was founded on the simple principle that bad things happen to good people and those individuals, who are often our friends and family, and they deserve the highest quality legal representation. We are first and foremost trial attorneys. We have almost thirty (30) years combined experience.

A Firm You Can Rely On

We take pride in our aggressive advocacy for our clients and helping them overcome the challenges of their injuries. Our clients are referred to us by other clients, by medical providers, and by other lawyers who recognize the successful results we have achieved for others.

Aggressive Representation

We are experienced litigators who know the Courtroom and are not afraid to take your case before a jury. We prepare each and every case as if it were going to trial because it is the best way we know to earn the respect of our adversaries and make certain our clients get the best possible results.

There are many times our clients have been served best by going to trial and, because of this, many of our current clients get the best possible result without having to go to trial because the opposition knows we are willing to go to trial and we will win.


Need a A1ZR4 Personal Injury Lawyer?

  • Personal Injury Attorneys serving South Florida

    We have served clients for over 30 years by tackling a variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases including premises liability, product liability, auto accidents, dog bites, nursing home negligence, medical malpractice, at-work injuries and more. We have offices in West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens and all of Southern Florida.

    Our firm only represents people, not corporations or the big insurance companies and we’ve spent the last three decades fighting for our people;giving them our personal care and attention every step of the way and getting them the settlements they deserve. Let us fight for you too.

    “People want to know they can win, and won’t be taken advantage of by another person or an insurance company. We do everything in our power to ensure that our clients are justly compensated for the trauma they have experienced.”

    We are proud to further serve our clients by billing by contingency fee only – this means that our representation comes at no cost to you unless we win your case – and we plan to. Our firm has already served over 25,000 people and has recovered countless millions. We are AV rated by Martindale Hubbell.

    We founded the Firm over 30 years ago with the sole focus of serving individuals and families who have experienced serious personal injuries. We have deep knowledge on how to successfully approach death and injury cases, resulting in settlements totaling in excess of one hundred million dollars ($100,000,000).

    In the three decades spent building his business, we have gathered together a core group of dedicated, compassionate people who will always be ready to go to bat for you. View the core members of our firm by clicking here

    If you’ve been injured, you need to know about impending deadlines in your case such as Statute of Limitations as well as your chances of success. Contact us and we’ll check out your case for free and give you advice on where to go from there.

  • Full-Service Lawyer You Can Trust

    Whether the damage is short term or permanent, physical injuries can be financially devasting. Usually sudden, you are probably scrambling to find a way to pay the mounting medical bills, hoping you will be able to afford the care that you really need, and trying to cover your daily living expenses, all while trying to recover physically from your injuries. At our firm, we can help you get the compensation that you need and deserve, and in the meantime, we can help you pay the bills and stay on your feet.

    Multiple Injuries

    Although we address personal injuries individually by type, most accident victims suffer from a combination of injuries which can include:

    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Spinal cord injury
    • Burn injury
    • Back injury
    • Catastrophic injury/amputation


    Each type of injury can require different specialists or even teams of specialists for treatment. We also work with specialists and experts for each type of injury in the courtroom to prove your case. Some types of injuries, such as brain injury and soft tissue injuries can be difficult or impossible to detect with simple medical tests, even though they may cause severe and permanent disability.

    Experts are needed not only to prove the current severity of your injuries, but to project the long-term outcome and the long-term expenses of living with your injuries. These experts not only have to be good at what they do medically, they have to be articulate and able to explain your situation in a way that the jury can understand.

    Why You Need Compensation

    Past emergency treatment, the medical care that you receive will be directly proportional to what you can afford. Your best chance of recovery from a serious injury, such as brain injury or spinal cord injury, is to seek out the most advanced treatments with the best specialists. That type of treatment can be in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

    You may need medical care for the rest of your life. You may never be able to return to work, meaning that you will need a way to support yourself and your family.

    If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, you deserve compensation. You deserve the chance to put your life back together as well as possible. You deserve the very best medical care and the best possible chance of physical recovery. Your family deserves to be taken care of financially, so that they can go on with their lives and so that they can concentrate on helping with your recovery.

    We believe that every case is important, and no case is too small. If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury, please call or email us today to schedule your free consultation.

“Dedicated To Getting You The Compensation You Deserve.”

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